Change brings opportunity


When the time comes to upgrade or modernize your elevators, Applied Elevator is the best option for elevator modernization services in Denver. We source from specialist manufacturers of each replaced component and recondition parts with life left in them still. Modernizing the elevator will quell any unhappy tenant, your elevator is a “customer retention” center. If you do not change your direction you may end up exactly where you’re heading.


Either due to functionality or obsolescence, we will upgrade individual components to enhance performance, meet a code regulation, improve aesthetics or decrease energy consumption. Examples of single upgrades include:

  • Upgrade door equipment to reduce trouble calls
  • Replace an obsolete part recognized by your maintenance technician
  • Upgrade to a more energy-efficient drive and starter system
  • Replace elevator wall panels, lighting or stainless steel cladding on the doors
  • Upgrade the jack, power unit, controller or fixtures on your timeline


In general, modernization equates to updating the controller of the unit. Each component in the system may be upgraded to function best with the new brain of the unit. Save on your total cost by requesting a full elevator modernization, minus items that can be reconditioned. If your elevator system is more than 20 years old, it is likely that a full modernization will be the best option.

At Applied Elevator, our modernization process is set up to accommodate the existing flow in a building, addressing the unit from interior aesthetics, to the replacement of fixtures, to the installation of complicated wiring. Our broad range of capabilities means you won’t need to hire two separate companies to handle both the cosmetic and functional aspects of modernization. We collaborate well with contractor teams when fire services, construction and the elevator work are connected. We have developed a strong reputation for excellence with building owners and property managers in our service areas and we use products from top manufacturers. Because we choose quality vendors and stand by our work, we provide a 1 year parts and labor warranty on all modernizations.

Why modernize at all?

The top reason for modernizing elevators is to see greater tenant retention. Unreliable elevators can be a major deterrent. It is unlikely that your tenants will enjoy carrying their groceries or children up many flights of stairs when the elevator is out of service. It is equally unlikely that an executive will enjoy waiting more than three minutes for their elevator to arrive—time is money! Also, if your prospective tenants are coming from a rental opportunity where the elevators are modernized, your scuffed-up panels and rickety doors are more likely to disappoint.

Additionally, after a full modernization, you are less likely to need constant repairs. The cost of repairing equipment each time that it malfunctions can quickly overshoot the cost of having your elevators modernized. Not to mention the fact that the modernized equipment is likely to out-perform your old elevator system and increase your energy efficiency.

While executing the upgrades behind the curtain, consider an interior remodel as well so the user interface of your elevator matches the functional investment you’ve made. Remodeling the interior of your cab is often significantly less expensive than replacing vital parts, such as your door operator or your drive system. If you are investing in these parts and working to enhance your elevator system, an interior cab remodel is a great way to signal to your tenants that you are making improvements.