Customer Service in Construction

Applied Elevator is a premier elevator installation company for contractors, architects and consultants in the Denver metro area. Our experience sourcing from non-proprietary manufacturers makes your installation affordable and swift. Whether you require assistance in selecting the appropriate elevator equipment, or already know your needs, we are the company that you can depend on to meet the project design and scope.


We have years of experience installing elevators for passenger or freight use, at the office. Our certified technicians and permit process work throughout the Front Range. We can handle any size job, from dumbwaiter installation to large projects featuring multiple elevators, and we specialize in unique circumstances, like oversized cabs and landings out of line.


We are a non-union, Denver-based elevator company specializing in all elevator brands and providing the customer service and commitment you would expect from a locally-started company. When we work with property owners or property management companies, we always consider the lifetime view on the work that we do because we hope to continue to earn the trust and business from our long-term customer by providing excellent customer service and the most skilled elevator mechanics in the business.

Top Technicians

Our technicians undergo vigorous evaluations and training before joining our team. As a small company, we aim to select only the most qualified, capable and motivated individuals to represent us on the job site. Each of our mechanics is a valuable asset; their top priority is doing the work at hand by servicing the equipment and client with safety and professionalism.


We install only Universal Serviceability brands of elevator systems (Non-Proprietary Systems). Your parts, labor and repairs are subject to a free marketplace of servicers, which will give you a greater choice of maintenance companies in the future. We are not tied to any brand of manufacturer and therefore specialize in unique elevator installations. Unique designs allowed.


Applied Elevator works with the best manufacturers in the industry, guaranteeing that your elevator system features quality, reliable equipment. Investment in high-standard elevators is a great start to securing excellent elevator performance in your building.

Continued Service

Our clients find that our dedication to high standards and our cost-effective rates are beneficial to the future of their elevator systems and often continue their relationship with our business through a comprehensive maintenance program once construction is completed. A 1-year parts and labor warranty is provided to new installation clients.