Applied Elevator of Denver—We Can Be Your Kone Elevator Service Company

Kone Elevator Service Company / December 22, 2016

At Applied Elevator of Denver we are independent, but we can also perform as your Kone Elevator service company. Kone rightfully prides themselves as innovators in the field, one with a global reach. That said, their business is to make machines that take people and goods between one floor and another within a building. No […]

Applied Elevator of Denver—We Can Make Otis Elevator Motor Repairs

Elevator Motor Repair / December 11, 2016

Applied Elevator of Denver is independent from any elevator manufacturer, which means we can perform Otis Elevator motor repairs. If you weren’t already aware, elevator installation, modernization, and servicing is a very competitive business. Many or the regional elevator companies who compete with us for your business are completely obligated to, or are a branch […]

Elevators in Denver—Real Elevator Security Doesn’t Rely on Dummy Cameras

Elevators Denver / October 15, 2016

When it comes to elevators in Denver, you can’t fake your way to real elevator security. At Applied Elevator we take elevator security seriously because there are deadly serious issues surrounding it. From vandalism to violent crimes of opportunity, publicly available elevators are unfortunately all too often the scene of such incidents. Experts in Denver […]

Elevator Service In Denver—Easy Steps To Prevent Elevator Vandalism

Elevator Service Denver / October 5, 2016

The scourge of building managers everywhere in Denver, and a good percentage of elevator service calls we make, is vandalism done to the inside of an elevator car. Elevators are an easy target for vandals, due to the privacy most afford. Unfortunately, such vandalism is not limited to the car either. There are periodic reports […]

Will Elevators in Denver face the same challenges as those in Boston?

Elevators Denver / September 12, 2016

The Importance of Elevator Maintenance Not All Elevators Will Be Treated Equally in Massachusetts—What About Elevators in Denver? There are not as many elevators in Denver as there are in Boston, but news coming out of Massachusetts may be a glimpse of things to come in Colorado one day. Back east there has been mounting […]

Applied Elevator’s Thoughts on Commercial Elevators in Denver—Urine is Bad For Your System

Commercial Elevators Denver / September 5, 2016

Access Control for Commercial Elevators It is often said by social commentators that California today is a possible snapshot of the future of the rest of the nation. If so, hopefully they are dead wrong about Denver one day being afflicted by the latest commercial elevator news dribbling out of the Golden State. Bay Area […]

Elevator Service in Denver—How Slow is Too Slow?

Elevator Service Denver / August 12, 2016

Too many calls for elevator service on your Denver area system, along with complaints about car dispatch and travel speeds are three of you biggest clues that it is time to modernize or renovate your elevators. Applied Elevator of Denver should be your first call. We work closely with our clients to ensure that your […]

Applied Elevator—Making Sure Your Elevators in Denver Are Fire Code Compliant–Part 2

Elevator Repair Denver / July 25, 2016

At Applied Elevator we perform maintenance, installations, modernizations, and elevator repairs throughout Denver and all along the Colorado Front Range. Part of our commitment to our clients, and to the public, is to keep them abreast of legal developments regarding their elevators. As we related in the last blog, we are halfway through the compliance […]

Applied Elevator—Making Sure Your Elevators in Denver Are Fire Code Compliant, Part 1

Elevators Denver / July 18, 2016

The City and County of Denver recently promulgated a new Fire Code requirement, (506.3), that must be met by every elevator in Denver by July 1, 2018. All elevators in Denver, whether passenger or freight, which are equipped with Phase 1 Emergency Recall, Phase II Emergency In-Car Operation, or are a Fire Service Access Elevator, are being […]

Applied Elevator of Denver – Signs That Your Elevators in Denver Need Modernization

Blog / June 27, 2016

At Applied Elevator of Denver we are experts in the modernization of elevator systems no matter who manufactured or installed them. If your elevator, or elevators in Denver, are exhibiting any of the following signs of needing an overhaul, you might just save money in the long run by contacting us.

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