Applied Elevator of Denver—We Can Make Otis Elevator Motor Repairs

Elevator Motor Repair / December 11, 2016

Otis Elevator Motor Repair at Applied ElevatorApplied Elevator of Denver is independent from any elevator manufacturer, which means we can perform Otis Elevator motor repairs. If you weren’t already aware, elevator installation, modernization, and servicing is a very competitive business. Many or the regional elevator companies who compete with us for your business are completely obligated to, or are a branch of one of the big OEM businesses in this industry, like Otis, Kone, or Thyssen.

Elevators are essentially machines for the transportation of people and freight vertically. Taking a cue from the automobile, agricultural machine, and even the electronics industries, elevator manufacturers have tried to craft end-to-end “lock in” by creating an impression that their “authorized service centers” or “preferred technicians” are the only ones who have properly trained personnel, or only they can get OEM spare parts. That’s simply not true.

Otis Elevator Motor Repair at Applied ElevatorAs we like to say here at Applied Elevator of Denver, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. “Factory Authorized” service comes with a hidden, and sometimes very hefty price tag. If you aren’t covered by the terms of a warranty, there’s simply no upside to paying the inflated prices for parts and service that a manufacturer affiliated service center charges.

The sales pitch of factory obligated service shops is always a variation of, “You’ll always have our factory trained technicians working on your elevators.” Buying that line always represents expensive false comfort. Applied Elevator of Denver employs service technicians who are second to none when it comes to the latest developments in elevator maintenance and repair.

The savings you can realize, such as on making an Otis Elevator motor repair, also extends to our elevator installations, modernizations, and planned maintenance packages. Just think of the service life of the typical elevator system. Think of all of the state mandated inspections that take place over decades of use. Applied Elevator of Denver could save you thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your elevator.

That’s because Applied Elevator of Denver is your trusted and well-regarded neighborhood elevator shop. We know everything that the factory technicians do, and we provide our expertise at better rates because we can. Sure, if an OEM part is absolutely necessary, (many times it is not), we can source OEM parts for the same cost as other companies. Where you can save is the labor charge difference between a large corporation, and a family owned company, minus the high union wages. You’ve nothing to lose by getting a free quote from us – we just might surprise you. Contact us for a free quote today.

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