Elevators in Denver—Real Elevator Security Doesn’t Rely on Dummy Cameras

Elevators Denver / October 15, 2016

When it comes to elevators in Denver, you can’t fake your way to real elevator security. At Applied Elevator we take elevator security seriously because there are deadly serious issues surrounding it. From vandalism to violent crimes of opportunity, publicly available elevators are unfortunately all too often the scene of such incidents.

Experts in Denver Elevator Security

At Applied Elevator, we can handle the installation or modernization of OEM or aftermarket systems that can upgrade the security of your elevator system. We can improve the physical performance of “tired” traction elevators or improve the dispatch control to limit wait times for a car call. Example of dummy domes in Denver elevatorsWe can also work hand in hand with a variety of security minded subcontractors or system providers to install access control or wireless camera systems designed for use in elevators.

However, what we here at Applied Elevator cannot endorse in elevators in Denver is “dummy” security cameras. We don’t believe that setting up an elevator car to create a false atmosphere of security does anyone any good.

Fake, or dummy security cameras, are in the best case, a high quality prop that mimics a real security camera. The most common ones found look like closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) complete with a blinking indicator light below the false lens. Higher-end fake cameras will look like the ones you see in protective domes on the ceilings where they are emplaced. The more sophisticated ones will even randomly pan around in the protective dome to simulate remote operation. Of course none of these cameras are hooked to anything but an electrical source.

Possible Deterrence is Not Security in Denver Elevators

Denver ElevatorsIf you think about it for just a minute, you’ll understand both the surface appeal, and the flawed thinking behind the dummy security camera. The appeal of the dummy camera rests on two bases, 1) they are cheaper than actual security equipment and; 2) they are thought to be a deterrent to crime.

Let’s get the second point out of the way immediately. Perpetrators bent on committing a crime often do so knowing full well they are being captured on actual security cameras. With this in mind, a dummy security camera is a false economy. Lastly, a dummy camera presents problems of its own. They can create a false impression that actual security is present, or that a camera actually captured an incident whether it be a crime on an accident. We are not lawyers, but creating a false impression of security in an elevator sounds like a can of worms we wouldn’t want you as the building owner to have to deal with.

If you want to modify or modernize your elevators in Denver with real security solutions, contact Applied Elevators of Denver.

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