Elevator Service In Denver—Easy Steps To Prevent Elevator Vandalism

Elevator Service Denver / October 5, 2016

The scourge of building managers everywhere in Denver, and a good percentage of elevator service calls we make, is vandalism done to the inside of an elevator car. Elevator Service in DenverElevators are an easy target for vandals, due to the privacy most afford. Unfortunately, such vandalism is not limited to the car either. There are periodic reports of landing doors being forced open and objects dropped down the shafts either on top of cars, or upon maintenance workers. Shy of a total security lock down it is virtually impossible to prevent all vandalism in your elevators. However, there are several steps we can help you take to reduce the frequency and financial impact of elevator vandalism.

Interior Critical for Keeping Elevator in Service within your Denver Building

The most cost effective step you can take to reduce vandalism in elevators open to the public is to make them harder to damage. We can update the interior of the car by installing easy to replace but vandalism resistant steel interior panels along with tamper resistant control panels. As most vandalism these days is the opportunistic “tagging” using paint or permanent markers, having an interior that won’t be damaged by the use of industrial strength solvents goes a long way towards keeping up the physical appearance of your elevator car.

The Faster The Car, The Shorter The Opportunity For Mayhem

Long wait times and long trip times invite mischief from people who won’t behave. If a potential vandal sees that the car arrives rapidly when called, and better yet, feels that it moves rapidly between floors, a disincentive to start vandalizing the elevator, or drop items down the shaft, is created. Subconsciously, the potential vandal realizes that they simply don’t have the time they thought to mess with the elevator.

For elevator service in Denver, Applied Elevator should be your first call. As we are an independent elevator service provider in Denver, we are not bound to pushing proprietary solutions upon you. We can also work with whatever equipment you have, no matter who manufactured it. All of our service technicians are trained to the same rigorous standards that factory technicians are held to.

With the right equipment upgrades and programming, Applied Elevator may be able to increase the dispatching speed or the actual car travel speed in all but the oldest of systems through a combination of computer controlled dispatch and/or by upgrading systems on the machine room side.

If you’re looking for elevator service in Denver to modernize your system, call Applied Elevator for a free phone consultation on what can be done to improve your elevator system, while at the same time warding off vandalism.

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