Will Elevators in Denver face the same challenges as those in Boston?

Elevators Denver / September 12, 2016

The Importance of Elevator Maintenance

Not All Elevators Will Be Treated Equally in Massachusetts—What About Elevators in Denver?

There are not as many elevators in Denver as there are in Boston, but news coming out of Massachusetts may be a glimpse of things to come in Colorado one day.

Back east there has been mounting criticism of the “one size fits all” model of elevator inspection. There, like here, there are mandatory annual and five-year checks required to maintain an operating permit. If you need such safety inspections performed on your elevators in Denver, please remember Applied Elevator. As an independent service provider we can work with any manufacturer’s system, or patchwork of components, without that pressure to upsell you on proprietary technology you may not need.

That said, Massachusetts is making moves that by all appearances is a shift to an incident-based inspection model. In the latest proposed revisions of the elevator code there, owners/operators of elevators that suffer a major mechanical breakdown of any sort will be required by law to report the incident to the state within 24 hours of the incident.

Without commenting on the politics of any of the proposed changes, our initial observation is that such data collection can really only be towards one end—an accelerated inspection schedule of “troubled” elevators—and a public safety mandate of the removal or replacement of equipment on their timetable, not the owner’s.

Elevators in DenverColorado is of course not anywhere near this level of regulatory detail—yet. In the not so distant past, Colorado more or less had its own laws and regulations on elevators too. These days, we are all operating under a more less standard code that varies slightly from state to state. It is entirely conceivable that Massachusett’s “trouble elevator” database could catch on.

The easiest way to stay ahead of such developments is to never let your elevators in Denver develop a reputation for being troublesome, or even dangerous. If your elevators make sounds that spook its riders, lurch to a stop, take time to find the exact landing, or worse, open or close improperly or out of time consistent with safe operation, contact Applied. We can modernize almost any elevator, and if we can’t, we can install a new system without the exclusive manufacturer maintenance lock in, where they claw back that money they “saved you” with a too-good-to-be-true installation bid.

Don’t wait until the regulators decide they want to get more proactive. Contact Applied Elevator of Denver today to work out a budgeted approach to keeping your elevators running smoothly and state regulators off your back.

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